In Bali, Andik Will Join Bali United?


In Bali, Andik Will Join Bali United?

The future of Selangor FA player from Indonesia, Andik Vermansah, is still a puzzle This is considering Andik contract with the club will expire at the end of 2017.

In Malaysia Super League this season, Andik brings Selangor FA finish in sixth position of the final standings. After wading through the competition, Andik is currently in Bali since Wednesday (1/11/2017).

The presence of Andik observed was staying at the number of Kuta, Badung, Bali. The mainstay of Indonesia senior national team midfielder is reportedly being on vacation in Bali.

Quoted from, a strong source of Bali Tribun said that Andik is in communication with the management of Bali United. That means, Andik add a row of names that are busy discussed will join Bali United.

Previously there was the name of Ilija Spasojevic who was linked to leave from Bhayangkara FC to Bali United.

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