Robben: I am not quarreling with Ancelott


Robben: I am not quarreling with Ancelotti

Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben has denied rumors that he was involved in a row with Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian coach was fired from Bayern, after a landslide defeat that they won in the game against PSG, with the name Robben considered one of the players who led to the dismissal of the coach.

“Suddenly, things like that appear in the media. I want to keep myself away from things like that, because I consider them to be nonsense, “the Dutchman told reporters.

“I hate when things like this happen. I am the last person on the team, who will be in trouble with coaches, other players, or people in the club. ”

“When someone goes from the club, you should be able to be a man, and not criticize anyone.”

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