Persipura Vs Persib, Stay Alert in the Middle Positive Notes


Persipura Vs Persib, Stay Alert in the Middle Positive Notes

Persib Bandung has a positive note against Persipura in the last three matches in domestic competitions.

Persib had won 2-0 at home to Persipura on his last trip in July 2017 in the match Indonesia Soccer Championship A.

Quoted from, Maung Bandung always win with clean sheet of Black Pearl team and positive trend never lost also shade Persib in these three matches.

However, it does not become the basis of coach while Persib, Yaya Sunarya.

“It’s not a benchmark that tomorrow will be easy, but it’s the basic ingredient that we’ve done the best here and we can repeat it,” said Yaya Sunarya who currently serves as caretaker Persib.

Meanwhile, coach Persipura, Wanderley da Silva, will order foster children to keep tight Raphael Maitimo et al in order not to play freely.

“We will try our best and focus on all the opponent players, if you want, (Raphael) Maitimo who should be more guarded, he scored a lot,” said Wanderley quoted from

Persib will travel to Persipura Jayapura on Monday (28/08/2017). The first leg of this fight will begin at 13:30 pm.

This match will be broadcast on hold at 6:30 pm on TV One.

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